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If you have a local business in the Sacramento area, you might be thinking that Sacramento SEO Services sounds nice and everything, but it’s not really needed… You might be thinking that since you have customers who have been coming through your doors for several years, that you really don’t need fancy online marketing services. It’s very understandable why a lot of local business owners would think this way. They think that online marketing really applies only to national businesses or online stores that serve a global clientele.

But make no mistake about it. As consumer trends change, people are increasingly using the internet to not only find local providers of products and services, but they are also using online resources to guide them in their buying decisions. They are using online reviews, they’re checking out social media reviews. They are tapping into all sorts of online resources that would enable them to come up with an informed decision.

Your business needs to be part of this process. Otherwise, you’re going to be left behind. It doesn’t matter how long your business has been around. It doesn’t matter how many generations have built up your local business brand. Your brand, as amazing as it may seem right now, will go up in smoke because a faster, lighter, nimbler, and stronger competitor came along. That’s just the nature of the beast.

So you need to get with the program and start thinking about using Sacramento SEO services as part of your broader online marketing plan. You have to have a plan. As the old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you are really planning to fail. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way. Here are seven ways to know if you need Sacramento SEO services right now.

If You Need Targeted Local Traffic Then You Need Our Sacramento SEO Services

This should be pretty straightforward. Do you need people to come in through your doors, who are looking for your specific services and products in your specific area? The answer should be yes. And, the good news is that providers of expert Sacramento SEO services know the tricks that would enable your business website to show up at the top when members of your local target audience enter related words or key phrases into Google. The great thing about targeted local traffic is that these people would only search for you at precisely the time that they are in most need of whatever services and products you are offering. You’re not paying for an ad that’s just going to sit there while people ignore it, no. With SEO, your brand shows up precisely at the time people looking for whatever you are selling are most interested in your offer.

Do You Need Consistent Traffic Flow Over a Long Period of Time?

You need to ask yourself this. What kind of online marketing campaign would produce traffic over an extended period of time? In other words, you don’t have to work constantly at pumping up this traffic for it to appear. It’s not like Facebook where you have to pay for Facebook ads to appear, and once the campaign ends, so does your traffic. The great thing about SEO is that once you rank well, you can pretty much rely on the fact that you will continue to rank, at least for an extended period of time. Now, this can also end, especially as Google’s algorithm changes over time. Still, you get some measure of consistency as far as traffic flow goes.

Intent-Targeted Website Visitors

Again, I can’t repeat this enough. The great thing about search engine traffic is that your brand appears to people who are looking for whatever products and services you’re offering. The best part is that your brand appears precisely at the time that they are most interested in what you’re offering. This is part of the reason why search engine traffic is so valuable. It gives you an opportunity to “hook” your customers precisely at the time that they most need what you’re offering.

Brand-Friendly Traffic Strategy

Make no mistake about it. If you want to sell really well in your local area and beyond, you need to build a solid brand. You need to build brand equity.
The great thing about search engine marketing and search engine optimization is that it provides tremendous opportunities for brand building. The more your local customers become used to your brand appearing on their searches, the more they trust your brand. Eventually, they can show up at your place of business. More importantly, you may have become so familiar to them that they can refer you to friends or family members who may have a need for whatever it is you’re offering.

Scalable Website Traffic

Another exciting thing about search engine optimization is that if you are able to dominate one keyword, chances are you may be able to dominate other keywords that are related to whatever it is you’re selling. Put simply, you would be able to scale your traffic volume because there are many different ways people search for the same type of service or product.

Are You Looking for Social Media-Interactive Friendly Traffic?

Once you are able to get traffic from search engines, you can easily show those visitors your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts. They then can clink on those accounts and follow you on Facebook or on Twitter. The whole strategy here is to gain many different ways of communicating with and reaching out to these people. Search engines are great in building that baseline traffic that you can then further leverage by notifying people that you do have social media accounts and that they should follow you on social media. This is a great way of using search engine traffic to help build a solid brand on social media.

Do You Want a Strong Complement to Your Existing Offline Marketing Strategies?

Whether you are already advertising through billboards or fliers, search engine traffic can be a strong complement to your existing offline marketing practices. When people come in because they found you on the internet, you can give them fliers and business cards. That way, you can cement the local branding impression that you’re already making with their patronage of your business. The same goes the other way. When people come to your store because they’ve always been coming to your store, you can put in your receipt that they can type in certain keywords to look up your business.

Pay attention to the factors outlined above. They will let you know if you need Sacramento SEO services. Make no mistake about it. SEO is not only the present of local business marketing, but it is also its future.

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